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Lockdown! Nuisance Neighbours and How to Handle Them
Nuisance neighbours have been with us since the dawn of civilization, and nothing has changed in the modern world. All too often even minor disputes turn into bitter and expensive “neighbours-at-war” litigation.

With so many of us now confined to our homes in a time of heightened tension and stress, even the smallest irritations from next door may well be escalating out of control.

Let’s look at what you can do about it if that happens to you. What are your legal rights? How can you avoid the trench warfare of an ongoing feud? We’ll consider some general principles and their application to the common scenarios of noise complaints and tree disputes, with particular mention of some badly-behaved peacocks and a cherry tree at grave risk of being chopped down.
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Unemployed, Can’t Pay Bond and Credit Instalments? “Credit Life Insurance” May Save You
ArticleImage In these hard times many of us will be finding it hard to keep up with bond and other credit agreement instalments.

Both employees and their employers should be aware of a possible lifeline here in the form of “credit life insurance” which, despite its name, is not just “life” cover. Employees may well find that they are also covered for inability to pay instalments following loss of employment or reduction/loss of earnings. It’s an alternative to a bank-offered “payment holiday” – which is of course much better than nothing, but still no free lunch.

Many employees won’t even be aware that they have this insurance. Are you covered, and if so what for?  Read on for more…
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Directors: Reckless Trading and Personal Liability in the Time of Coronavirus
ArticleImage Some businesses are flying with the many new opportunities presented to them by the lockdown crisis, but many others now face serious cash flow and liquidity problems.

Now more than ever directors need to be keenly aware of their ongoing obligations in terms of the Companies Act. Failure to live up to the Act’s high standards of care risks personal liability as well as criminal prosecution.

This then is a timely reminder to all “directors” (we explain how widely defined that term is in this context) of the dangers of reckless trading. What is reckless trading? Does the recent CIPC Notice absolve you from liability? How can you minimise your risk? Read on for some thoughts…
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Domestic Violence and the Lockdown: Your Personalised Safety Plan
ArticleImage South Africa’s plague of domestic violence against women and children has taken on a whole new dimension with the COVID-19 pandemic and its resultant “stay at home” lockdown. Those most vulnerable now face both a much higher risk of abuse, and reduced avenues of escape. Fortunately both government and a host of welfare organisations are responding, and if you know of anyone who may benefit from knowing about these initiatives, please do think of forwarding this to them as soon as you can.

Let’s lay the groundwork with a look at how our laws protect victims and at how these protections work in practice. Then, and most importantly, we point those in need of guidance and urgent practical help to a “personalised safety plan” covering everything from “Be Prepared” through “Signalling for Help” and “Leaving” to “Staying Safe”.
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Website of the Month: A Complete Guide to Working from Home in 2020
"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” (Socrates)

One wonders how many office-based businesses, having been forced to work remotely during the lockdown, will now abandon or minimise their office spaces on a permanent basis rather than return to the “old normal”. 

Regardless, if you and your staff are currently working from home, you need to configure the arrangement for maximum productivity and quality of life. 

Career Karma’s “A Complete Guide to Working from Home in 2020” on its website shares 10 tips on “How to Succeed as a Remote Worker”, offers a free PDF download “Remote Working: The Ultimate Guide”, and addresses 3 common myths about home working that both employers and employees should get to grips with.


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