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Employee incentives that really work for small businesses

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PRIMORIAL Solutions (Pty) Ltd November 2023
Employee Incentives That Really Work for Small Businesses

Happy and industrious employees are a huge step toward business success. In a small business, each and every employee needs to be performing to their best ability if the company hopes to succeed. Employee incentives are therefore a great tool for both keeping employees happy and building a successful business.

The challenge, however, is that the incentives a small company can offer would not traditionally be as large as those offered by big corporations. So how can small businesses successfully keep their employees feeling appreciated within budget? Here are 5 ideas that really work.
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SARS Admin Penalties: What Taxpayers Can Do  
The Hidden Costs of Starting a Business  
Dispute with SARS? Here are the New Rules…  

SARS has imposed administrative non-compliance penalties on hundreds of thousands of taxpayers this year, following recent changes to the admin penalty rules. Once-off and especially recurring penalties quickly add up to a significant tax debt, and also lead to a non-compliant tax status and tax refunds being withheld.

Here's what to do if you already have accumulated an admin penalty tax debt and how to avoid these admin penalties going forward. 


You have had your bright idea, saved up for months, and finally quit your 9-to-5 to run your own business. You have worked out the finances carefully but it’s still possible you have missed something.

Starting a business can be surprisingly expensive, and much of this is down to a variety of hidden expenses. Failure to plan for these unknown costs can put a severe dent in the growth trajectory of your company. Here are the nine most common costs that entrepreneurs don’t plan for.


At some point over the many years of submitting returns and paying taxes, individual and corporate taxpayers will have grounds to dispute an assessment or decision from SARS. Fortunately, there are clear dispute resolution rules that guide both the taxpayer and SARS in resolving these disputes. 

Earlier this year, some changes were made to SARS’ dispute resolution rules, and in this article we briefly summarise the most important changes and provide reminders of crucial issues that remain unchanged. 

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Your Tax Deadlines for November 2023
  • 7 November - Monthly Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) submissions and payments

  • 29 November - Excise Duty payments

  • 30 November - Value-Added Tax (VAT) electronic submissions and payments & CIT Provisional payments where applicable.

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