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5 Reasons To Never Overlook Your Business Plan


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November 2019 NEWSLETTER
5 Reasons To Never Overlook Your Business Plan
Not preparing a comprehensive business plan for your business, and not updating it frequently, is a recipe for disaster. 

In fact John Cleese’s “How can I be so stupid?” when recalling his pitch to the BBC for the launch of Monty Python’s Flying Circus – without having a business plan in place - says it all. 

Next month we’ll share some thoughts on how to prepare a business plan, but let’s start off this month with a discussion of why this is such a critical part of your strategic planning. We’ll give you 5 very good reasons for you to commit the necessary resources to this essential project without delay.
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Your Tax Deadlines for November 2019 
Deadlines this month are –
  • 7 November – Monthly PAYE submissions and payments

  • 25 November - VAT manual submissions and payments

  • 29 November - Excise Duty payments

  • 29 November - VAT electronic submissions and payments

  • 29 November - CIT Provisional Tax Payments where applicable.


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