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Property Fraud: Buyers, Bondholders Beware
“Our system of deeds registration is negative: it does not guarantee the title that appears in the deeds register” (extract from first judgment below)

Although in practice title deeds as registered in the Deeds Office are accepted as proof positive of property ownership, two important SCA (Supreme Court of Appeal) decisions illustrate a little-known but potentially serious danger here.  
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Business Rescue And Suretyships: Creditors At Risk
ArticleImage Consider this scenario.  It’s unfortunately one all too likely to face creditors in these hard times -
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The Employment Equity Changes – Do They Apply To You?
ArticleImage (Note:  What follows is of necessity only a brief summary of a few highlighted amendments to a complicated piece of legislation – take advice on your specific circumstances)

All employers and employees need to take account of the recent amendments to the Employment Equity Act.
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Living Wills: What Are They And Do You Need One?
“No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow” (Euripides)

We will all die. We have limited control over what will eventually kill us and when, but there is something that we can do now, whilst we are still physically and mentally capable of doing so, to express our wishes as to how we die.  Specifically, we can give instructions now as to what medical treatment we want to be given at the end . . .
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Tax Dispute? New Rules, Requirements
If you are unlucky enough to end up in a dispute with SARS, following the correct procedures – and in particular complying with the required time-frames – is critical.  Be aware of new regulations specifying detailed procedures for objections, appeals, ADR (alternative dispute resolution), Tax Court applications etc.

This is a specialised field and the stakes are high - take advice from a registered tax practitioner in any doubt.

The September Website: Grab A Graduate
It isn’t easy these days for a new graduate to find suitable employment, particularly with a CV that is devoid of relevant work experience. 

Equally, many SMEs would benefit from being able to access the skills, youthful energy and creativity of a new graduate.  But they balk at taking on the risk and cost of permanently employing someone unknown and untested . . .
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