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Facebook Revenge: The Defamation Danger
In the heat of an argument you may be tempted to retaliate with a Social Media post attacking your opponent. 

The dangers of doing so were highlighted in a High Court case which featured warring neighbours, noisy chickens, smelly rabbits, and a “peeping tom” slur.

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Estate Agents - The Simple Mistake That Cost a 10% Commission
A recent Supreme Court of Appeal decision revolved around an estate agency which made a basic blunder when obtaining a Fidelity Fund Certificate - and paid dearly for it.

Don’t make the same mistake …..
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How to Freeze Your Dodging Debtor’s Assets
Joe Debtor owes you a fortune but does everything he can to frustrate your debt collection attempts.  He strings you along with spurious queries and false promises, and when you issue summons he defends your action with every delaying tactic he can come up with.

If he’s doing it to give himself time to dispose of all his assets, here’s how you stop him …..
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Employers and Employees: Don’t Tolerate Workplace Racism
Our highest Court has confirmed that employers have both a right and a duty to stamp out racism in the workplace.  And when the racism is of a serious nature, “mollycoddling cannot cut it” - dismissal may be the only appropriate sanction.

An employee who used the “k-word” during an argument at work found that out the hard way …..
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Your March Website: Is Facebook Giving You FOMO?
“FOMO”, the Fear of Missing Out, is a phenomenon that has been with us forever.  But it’s never been as pervasive as it is now, and it seems that the “Facebook Illusion” is largely to blame.    

Find out how to deal with it the scientific way.
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