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What Happens If You Cancel Your Lease Early?
Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, chances are that sooner or later you are going to be asking yourself the question “What happens if the lease is cancelled early?”

Of course there are no free lunches in life, and a tenant wanting to cancel before the lease has run its full course is going to have to pay at least something for the privilege. 

But how much that payment will be, and how much notice the tenant must give, depend on several factors…
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Road Rage – Sue, and Report It!
ArticleImage Road rage incidents are on the rise, and should you become the unfortunate victim of one you should consider your legal remedies against the perpetrator.

You may have a damages claim, and you should certainly think of reporting the case to the police. A recent High Court judgment confirmed a road-rager’s conviction on charges of assault and crimen injuria. We discuss the case and talk about why the risk of picking up a criminal conviction is quite possibly a greater deterrent to potential offenders than any fine imposed. 
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Whistleblowers: What If Your Disclosure is Factually Wrong?
ArticleImage Workplace whistleblowers are protected by our law in the form of the PDA or Protected Disclosures Act, but only if your disclosure is in line with the PDA’s requirements.

We discuss the case of an employee whose disclosure to her employer was supposedly factually incorrect. She was dismissed for “incompatibility with colleagues”, and the Labour Appeal Court had to determine whether or not this was actually a case of retaliation against a whistleblower. Lessons arising (for both employers and employees) include the important questions that employees should ask themselves before making any form of disclosure.  
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Life Partners: Beware the “Common Law Marriage” Myth!
ArticleImage As more and more South Africans opt to live together without formally marrying (or entering into a civil union or recognised customary marriage), the need to bust the myth of the “common law marriage” becomes more acute.

Let’s discuss the hard realities of our law as it currently stands, the risks of doing nothing about protecting yourselves from the consequences of break-up or death, and an easy, practical solution that you should implement immediately. 
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Your Websites of the Month: Boosting Health, Happiness and Productivity in Your Office
ArticleImage Whether your offices are big or small, their layout is critical to promoting (or harming) your employees’ mental and physical health. 

Boost your team’s happiness and productivity by casting a fresh eye over your current office layout with “5 Office Design Hacks That Will Increase Employee’s Productivity” on the Dumb Little Man website.

And don’t forget the office plants! For a clear and illustrated explanation of the science behind using plants to improve both air quality and general wellbeing, read Plant Life Balance’s “The Simple Science” page. Scroll down to rate each room in your offices – how healthy is it? How many pot plants do you need in each area for maximum health and mental wellbeing?


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