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October 2021 NEWSLETTER
Property Sellers: Why, How and When to Choose Your Own Conveyancer

When you sell your house (or indeed any other property) you are almost certainly dealing with a transaction of major financial importance to you.

You will therefore want to do everything you can to ensure a smooth and professional transfer process, with the purchase price being paid out to you as soon as possible.

First step in achieving that is choosing the right conveyancer (transferring attorney) for the job. We discuss why every transfer needs to be carried out by a conveyancer, why you as Seller do the choosing, how you should go about making your choice, and why you should bring your chosen conveyancer into the sale process from the very start.

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South Africans - Don’t Lose Your Own Citizenship When You Apply for Another!

Many South Africans want to have dual citizenship - perhaps to work and live overseas, perhaps for travel, perhaps for some other reason.

Be very careful here! As a recent High Court judgment has confirmed, you must have formal Ministerial permission before you apply for foreign citizenship. Drop the ball on that one and you will suddenly wake up to find that you have lost your South African citizenship. And once lost, it isn’t easily regained.

Read on for the details – how the loss of citizenship happens (with a note on a few exemptions), why it happens, how you can prevent it happening, and what you can do if it has already happened.
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Employers - Walking the “Compulsory Covid-19 Jab” Tightrope

The Covid-19 virus is unlikely to leave us in peace and safety anytime soon, and the resulting economic disruption continues to pummel businesses of every sort and size.

So for most business operations, fully-vaccinated workforces are doubtless high on the agenda. If you are one of them, you will be wondering whether you can make vaccination compulsory in your workplace.

As an employer you are left walking a tightrope between a whole range of (often conflicting) rights and duties. We analyse government’s recent “Direction” on the issue, focussing on 5 areas of particular importance in a bid to help you with your decision making here...
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What SARS Says About Crypto Assets and Tax

“The future of money is digital currency” as Bill Gates put it, and certainly interest in crypto currencies - like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana and the many others popping up all the time - is surging dramatically.

Of growing importance therefore is that anyone holding or planning to buy cryptocurrency needs to understand the tax angle, and by way of an updated warning to keep up to speed on this we point you to SARS’ new webpage on the subject for a “from the horse’s mouth” take on the whole question.

SARS addresses questions such as what a crypto asset is, whether tax needs to be paid, how it will work (with an example of the 2020/21 tax year ITR12 Tax Return), and how it traces crypto asset transactions. 

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Your Website of the Month: The Best Age to Launch a Successful Startup Is…

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission reports (see Moneyweb article here) a record 510,000 new companies registered in 2020 - 32% up from 2019. Clearly the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic and its associated economic disruption are at play here. For some, retrenchment has meant having to become an entrepreneur in order to survive financially. Others are taking advantage of new opportunities to disrupt and to innovate.

Perhaps you are considering such a move and wondering if you could be too young, or too old, to get into the game. Wonder no longer – read “Science reveals the best age to start a thriving business” on



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