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February 2017 NEWSLETTER
Will 2017 Be Better Than Expected?
2016 was our annus horribilis with drought, political uncertainty, low commodity prices, rising inflation and a weak currency. 

From such a low base, economists are arguing things should get better.

What will drive the economy in 2017? 

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Developing Your Senior Staff: Let Them Run Meetings  
One underrated but important aspect of an organisation is its ability to run effective meetings. Problems are identified and strategies are put in place to chart a successful way into the future.

In smaller businesses invariably the most senior person (the owner or CEO) runs these meetings.
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“Just Walk Out” – Amazon Is Revolutionising Grocery Shopping. How Will It Affect Us? 
In South Africa only about 10% of retail shopping is done online as shoppers still prefer to go to malls to do their shopping. The worst part of this is often the queuing when it comes to paying for your purchases. Pressure has been put on retailers to find ways to ease these long queues. 

Amazon is piloting a product (“Amazon Go”) which stops all queuing – you put your goods into the trolley and when you’ve finished you walk out the store, get into your car and go home.

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Tax Ombud Now Has More Powers 
The Office of the Tax Ombud (“OTO”) was created in 2013 and despite initial doubts as to its role has carved a niche for itself and gained credibility as a result. Recent legislation has strengthened the OTO.

The Ombud was designed as a free service to taxpayers to assist them when there is poor service from SARS, or when taxpayers experience administrative or procedural issues with SARS.

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Submit Your Budget 2017 Tips! 
Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, makes his budget speech on 22 February and would like to hear your tips for the budget. To submit your suggestions go to “Budget Tips” on the National Treasury website. 
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Your Tax Deadlines For February  
The second provisional tax payment for the 2017 tax year is due by 28 February. Taxpayers are required to estimate their total taxable income (i.e. including any capital gains) for the tax year.

Penalties will apply where your estimate is not accurate enough -
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