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11 POPIA Questions to Ask Yourself Before 30 June 2021

By midnight on 30 June 2021 you must be fully compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) if you in any way process any personal information relating to a “data subject”. Very few businesses and organisations will fall outside that net, and even fewer will fall into any of the exemptions. The risks of non-compliance are substantial.

By way of a last-minute recap we suggest eleven important questions you should be asking yourself and your business well before deadline.

We end off with a note for the administrators of Community Schemes (Bodies Corporate and Homeowners Associations).
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When Bond Clauses Sink Sales

Selling or buying a house is a time of excitement and the culmination of a lot of time and effort on your part, so as soon as the ink dries on your signed sale agreement you will want the transfer process to get underway, and you will want it to keep going without a hitch. The best way to achieve that of course is to be aware of what can go wrong and to proactively take steps to avoid any problems.

Be particularly aware of a common “sinker of sales” in the form of the bond clause. If the buyer fails to get a mortgage bond by due date you have no sale. We’ll have a look at what the bond clause is, why it’s important to both buyer and seller, what should be in it, and how you can, if you need to, amend it or waive it.
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Dismissed: The Butcher Who Went to Work With COVID-19

In these times of deadly pandemic, both employees and their employers need to observe all workplace safety protocols to the letter. As the Labour Court recently pointed out, having fancy COVID-19 policies in place is meaningless if they aren’t strictly observed by everyone, and all the time. 

The Court was dealing with the case of an Assistant Butchery Manager who reported for duty on three days after testing positive for the coronavirus, putting his fellow employees, customers, and anyone else unlucky enough to come into contact with him at serious risk. His dismissal was held by the Court to be substantively fair and confirmed. We discuss the facts, and the reasons for that outcome.

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Can You Change Your Marital Regime After Marriage?

Wedding bells are ringing, and the legal niceties of how the marriage will affect your “matrimonial property system” may not be high on your priority list. They should be – your choice of marital regime now is critical. You don’t want for example to find that you can’t get a mortgage bond or have your estate sequestrated because of your spouse’s debts, a danger if you end up married in community of property.

We recap briefly on the three choices available to you, stress once again the necessity of choosing before you marry, and explore the possibility of changing your marital regime after marriage if you got it wrong before.

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Your Website of the Month: Teamwork Tips from My Octopus Teacher

“So, you thought that My Octopus Teacher was there to teach us about cephalopods; its real message is about the value of teamwork and what we can achieve if we work together.”


Read “Teamwork Tips from My Octopus Teacher” on the Catalyst website, and watch an interview with the movie’s director, for some thoughts on “the power of collaboration, shared passion and purpose”.



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