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The “Great Resignation” is Upon Us – Know the Law!

One of the many global trends associated with the pandemic is the “Great Resignation”, which has seen mass employee resignations across the board.

As signs emerge that South Africa is beginning to follow that trend, it becomes more essential than ever that both employers and employees understand how our law views resignation, its effect on the employment relationship, and the requirements and procedures relating to it.

We address seven important questions in this regard with reference to a recent Labour Court decision in which an employee, having resigned on the grounds of ill health, attempted to withdraw his resignation after undergoing a “miraculous” recovery.

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Landlords: Zoning Law Contravention Could Invalidate Your Lease

Here’s a warning to property owners to know and comply with your local municipal zoning laws. Contravene them at your peril.

For example, as a landlord you could be left with an invalid lease, and no claim against your tenant for arrear rental, municipal service charges, or anything else. That’s exactly the fate that befell a landlord recently when a High Court ruled in favour of a tenant whose business (“coffee shop, home industry and restaurant”) fell foul of the “Single Residential 2” zoning that applies to the leased premises.

We discuss the outcome in that case and end off with some practical suggestions for both property buyers and landlords.

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New Ruling on Divorce Assets: How Does it Affect You?
Whether you are about to tie the knot or about to divorce, you should know about an important new ruling from the High Court, declaring a section of the Divorce Act to be constitutionally invalid.

We start off with a recap of the 3 choices of “marital regime” available to you on marriage, then we discuss whether or not this new ruling will apply to your own marriage situation.

For those of you to whom it does apply, we analyse the practical effect of the Court’s judgment on your financial rights and prospects in divorce.
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Tax Freedom Day 2022: The Day We Stopped Working for Government

“Taxpayer: One who doesn’t have to pass a civil service exam to work for the government” (Anonymous)

“Tax Freedom Day” is the first day of the year on which we South Africans (we’re talking about the “average” taxpayer here) have finally earned enough to pay off SARS and to start working for ourselves.

This year the predicted date was 12 May 2022. That’s three days later than last year, and a whole calendar month later than in 1994 when we first started recording this.

That’s a depressing trend, but it’s a worldwide one and we certainly aren’t the worst-off country – Belgians for example only get to celebrate on 6 August! Certainly food for thought for anyone thinking of emigrating. Have a look at Wikipedia here for some country-by-country comparisons.


Website of the Month: Are Your Passwords in the Green?

We all know how vital it is to use strong passwords online, but for a sobering look at just how quickly the “average” cybercriminal can hack any that aren’t up to scratch, go to Hive Systems’ article “Are your passwords in the Green?” here.

Their “Time it takes a hacker to brute force your password in 2022” infographic provides a strong visualization of the weakness and strength of various lengths and types of passwords. Also read the warnings and infographic in the section halfway down the article “What about the elephant in the room; what if my password has been previously stolen, uses simple words, or I reuse it between sites?”

Essential knowledge in these days of soaring online crime!



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