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February 2018 NEWSLETTER
Stop the World I Want To Get Off
Our lives seem to become more stressful every day, and the barrage of “urgent” emails and Social Media messages that we are subjected to certainly doesn't help.

Why do we feel compelled to check our emails so often?  What happens if we train ourselves to reduce the number of times we look at our emails to say three times a day? How does that affect us personally? How does it impact on our productivity and on our interactions with colleagues?

Read on for the answers…
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Allowable Stock Deductions: Hopefully Less Tax, Less Admin  
Let’s join CEO George and his Finance Director James as they discuss a recent tax court decision on the question of valuing stock for tax purposes.

For years, this has been a bone of contention with SARS, leading to endless work, debate and argument.

Hopefully this new judgment will bring an end to all that, and clarity on which approach SARS must adopt. With luck, both less tax and less administration time are in the offing for business.
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Taxpayers: Why YOU Should Participate in this Local Survey by SAICA 
We face mounting pressure to devote more and more of our busy lives (and more and more of our budgets!) to complying with all our tax obligations.

The good news is that, whether you are individual taxpayer, an SME, or a large corporate, you have a chance to be heard

Take part now in SAICA’s new survey to determine the time and costs involved in tax compliance.  The more statistically valid data SAICA has, the more successfully it can lobby government!
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Submit Your Budget 2018 Tips! 
Budget 2018 will be one of the most important since 1994, and the threat of substantial tax increases looms large.

Don’t miss this chance to submit your suggestions to the Minister of Finance before he makes his Budget Speech on Wednesday 21 February. 

Share your thoughts and ideas with the Minister – he does read your tips and usually mentions some of them in his Speech.
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Your Tax Deadlines for February (and How to Avoid Penalties) 
Provisional taxpayers:  28 February is your deadline to estimate your total taxable income for the 2018 tax year, and to make your second provisional payment to SARS.

Don’t get this wrong! The penalties for inaccurate estimates are severe, and applying for them to be remitted will embroil you in a dispute process which is likely to be both lengthy and cumbersome.

Here’s how accurate you have to be with your estimates…
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