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December 2018 NEWSLETTER
Let’s Be Realistic and Positive in 2019
2018 has certainly presented us South Africans with some major challenges. But as we start winding down and reflecting on what the future has in store for us, let’s be sure to keep in mind the many positives we take into the New Year with us.

So join us in looking at some of the “big problems” we face, and in asking whether they are in fact as insoluble as we tend to think.

The bottom line is this - how can we make meaningful inroads into our problems, and how do we ensure that 2019 is a year of positivity and recovery for us all? Read on for some thoughts…
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Taxpayers Note: How To Upload Supporting Documents Using eFiling 
If you use eFiling, you may have run into issues when trying to upload your supporting documents.

We share with you SARS’ official instructions on what documents you can upload - the size and number limits, the document formats supported, the way to scan documents for acceptability, and so on.

We list also what documents and formats you can’t upload, and what to do if you get a message like “The document cannot be converted”. 
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The Medium Term Budget Speech and the Rating Agencies – Danger in December 
What is the Medium Term Budget Speech, why is it important, and what are our big challenges?

We address those issues in the context of both the “President’s Plan” and the fact that this month ratings agency Moody’s will announce its decision on whether or not to downgrade South Africa to outright junk status.

It’s important for all of us to understand both how likely a downgrade is, and what will happen to our economy if things go badly for us in December.
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Changes Are Coming to The Companies Act – Be Ready for Them 
The Companies Act is set for some major changes, and although the Companies Amendment Bill 2018 is still at the “comment” stage, there are some important changes proposed that you should know about. And, if they might affect your business meaningfully in any way, you should start right now on preparing for them and on taking professional advice as to their likely impact on you and your business.

We list five of the more significant proposals, with comments on their practical effect on companies, directors and prescribed officers.

If you run a company (in any capacity), or hold shares in one, read on…
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Is SARS Attacking Your Medical Tax Credit? 
None of us wants to pay a cent more in income tax than we are legally obliged to, so allowances and rebates like the Medical Tax Credit are always welcome.

Taxpayers with disabilities or disabled dependants, pensioners, and those in the lower income brackets are particularly likely to rely on being allowed significant credits.

The problem is that suddenly SARS is starting to query these credits. We analyse the extent of the problem, how and why it has arisen, and what you should do to avoid these queries in the future.
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Thank you for your support in 2018.
Have a Wonderful Festive Season, and a Happy and Prosperous 2019.

Enjoy the Break!



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