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Kramer Villion Norris - KVN September 2017
7 Myths about Making a Will
If you haven't already made your "last will and testament" you need to get it done now.  

And you should have a professional help you. 

Why is a properly-drawn will so important?  To answer that, we debunk a few of the more pervasive myths and misconceptions surrounding wills …
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Making Money with Airbnb? Tax and Other Issues  
The R1m Buffalo That Died: A Lesson in Passing of Risk  
Property Sellers: Don’t Pay “Future Rates”  
If you have a spare room, holiday house, apartment or indeed any type of residential property available to let out as a short-term rental, consider using online platform Airbnb. 

Its popularity is soaring, and you could boost your income significantly.   

Just bear in mind these 3 important factors.  We start off by discussing the tax angle …
We buy and sell things every day, and no doubt most of us assume that it is only when we become the owner that we take the risk of our purchase being damaged or destroyed.  

But that isn’t always so, and you could face substantial losses if you aren’t aware of the fact that in our law, passing of ownership and passing of risk are two different concepts, and they may not be simultaneous.

We discuss the case of a buffalo which, after being sold for R1m, died during a darting operation before delivery to the buyer.  Who bears the loss in such a case?
“Everybody”, sang Rodriguez in the Seventies, has “got to pay their dues”.  

That’s true, but property sellers were until recently at risk of having to overpay rates and taxes to their local municipality.  

We discuss a recent Supreme Court of Appeal decision dealing with just such a case, where a seller paid R1m in future rates “under protest” and then sued for a refund.  
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Your Website of the Month: Air-Purifying Plants for Office and Home
Pot plants have been shown to help in purifying indoor air of all the toxins we put into it with our cleaning chemicals and household products.  They are also credited with many other benefits such as lower stress levels and increased happiness and productivity.
Have a look at NASA’s list of the best indoor plants to fight poor air quality in your office and at home.  

A chart conveniently lists those plants most effective at filtering out each of several “horror” pollutants, with warnings about those poisonous plants dangerous to humans and pets.
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