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August 2017 NEWSLETTER
Verbal Agreements – The Property Perspective
Always seek legal help before you agree to anything, particularly when dealing with property.

The outcome of a recent High Court case illustrates - the occupants of a property which had been sold and transferred to a new owner refused to vacate and then resisted his application for their eviction.  They even tried to have the sale and transfer to him set aside, all on the basis of an alleged verbal “agreement to agree” between them and the original seller.  

We look at the lessons to be learned …
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Sexual Offences: No More Time Limit to Prosecute
ArticleImage Victims of sexual crime are often so deeply traumatised and intimidated that they either never report their abusers, or take decades to go to the police.  

Until now, a 20 year limit on their right to prosecute certain sexual crimes has had the unfortunate effect of depriving many such victims – often now adults who were abused as children - of their right to seek justice against the perpetrators.

That’s all changed with a new High Court decision.  We analyse the details and effect of this ground-breaking judgment.
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Expired Firearm Licences: High Court to the Rescue
ArticleImage If you for whatever reason fail to renew your firearm licence on time, it will expire and you have (until now) had no alternative but to surrender your firearm to the police at risk of being prosecuted.  Nor could you recover any value for the firearm.

The reason is that once the renewal period “90 day guillotine” falls, the Firearms Act as currently framed leaves you with no way to bring yourself “back within the parameters of the law”.

To your rescue comes a new High Court decision – read on for more … 
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SARS and the Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme: It’s Deadline Time!
ArticleImage “The SVDP is meant for individuals and companies who have not in the past disclosed tax and exchange control defaults in relation to offshore assets” (SARS)

If you aren’t sure whether or not you should apply for the Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme (SVDP), take advice immediately.  

Not only is the 31 August deadline upon us, but September will see the introduction of an “automatic exchange of tax information” between SARS and the revenue authorities of over 50 other countries (set to grow to 100 by September 2018).
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Your Website of the Month: Enjoy Winter Like a Viking
ArticleImage If you are struggling to enjoy what’s left of Winter (and doesn’t it always seem hardest just before Spring?), think about how Denmark manages to retain its title of “Happiest Country in the World”, despite its long, cold, dark winters. 

How do the Danes manage it?  Perhaps there’s some truth in the idea that a big part of their secret lies in the old Viking concept of “hygge”.  Hygge is, says the OED “A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)”.  

It’s really not difficult to cosy up your home.  Here’s 10 tips for you: “How to Hygge: Embrace the Cosy Danish Concept”. 


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