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Kramer Villion Norris - KVN October 2014
Houses – Transfer Trumps Intention

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward” (Vernon Law)

Never assume that you have any rights to a property just because the owner says that he/she intends to give you ownership, even if a sale agreement is signed. Make sure that you actually do take ownership via registration in the Deeds Office.

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Mixed Use Properties: What Rates Must You Pay  
Directors – Environmental Law And Your Increased Personal Liability Risk  
Whistle(Blowing) While You Work  
Municipalities may levy rates on properties by valuing them and then applying a rate to them based on categories of permitted or actual usage, with “residential” properties traditionally attracting lower rates than “commercial”, “business” and “industrial” properties.
Government and our courts are serious about protecting the environment, and NEMA (the National Environmental Management Act) is being strictly enforced.

A new amendment to NEMA provides that directors (and members of CCs) are now jointly and severally liable “for any negative impact on the environment, whether advertently or inadvertently caused by the company or close corporation which they represent, including damage, degradation or pollution”.
“The fostering of a culture of disclosure is a constitutional imperative as it is at the heart of the fundamental principles aimed at the achievement of a just society based on democratic values” (Labour Appeal Court, case below)

The “Whistle-blower’s Act” (more correctly the PDA or Protected Disclosures Act) encourages employees to disclose unlawful or irregular conduct by their employers or fellow employees (in both the public and private sectors), without fear of reprisal. 
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Immigration Regulations – Two Requirements Postponed, But Apply Now
Home Affairs have announced a postponement to 1 June 2015 of two of the new rules relating to children, namely the Unabridged Birth Certificate requirement and the requirement for written permission from both parents/guardians authorising a child's travel. 
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Developers: New Health And Safety Construction Regulations
Anyone involved in construction work, including developers and other “clients”, “designers” (architects, engineers, interior designers etc) and contractors, should familiarise themselves with the Department of Labour’s new “Construction Regulations 2014” issued in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  These regulations currently apply to any construction that commenced after 7 February 2014 (earlier construction projects are affected only from 7 August 2015).  They require formulation of health and safety plans, risk assessments, compliance with health and safety standards, and health and safety training.
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The October Website: How To Reduce The Pain Of Queuing At SARS
You can these days make your life a lot easier by interacting with SARS online for many things, but occasionally a personal visit to a physical branch is unavoidable.  

Reduce the pain by checking SARS’ website page “Find the Shortest SARS Branch Queue Near You” and following these steps –
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