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Junk Status Is Now a Reality – How Will It Affect Us?
Junk status is upon us.

How has it affected our economy so far?  What does the future hold?  How is it likely to affect our daily lives in practical terms?  Fin24’s powerful Infographic “How Junk Status Will Affect You” says it all.

And don’t forget we have been here before – our chart “Credit Rating History since 1994” puts it into perspective … 
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Frightening Fraud Statistics – Protect Your Business Now! 
Your business could lose millions from internal fraud.  

We have a look at some statistics which are not only frightening, but more importantly provide us with strong pointers on what warning signs to look for, and on what we should be doing to protect ourselves.  Did you know for example that males with an average age of 38 make up 82% of internal fraudsters?  

Read on for much more …
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SMMEs and BBBEE Firms: Government Wants To Do Business With You 
If you are a small or black-empowered firm, you need to know about the new preferential procurement regulations which aim to channel R150 billion in procurement spend your way.  

Understanding how these new regulations will work is key if you want to benefit.  
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How Many Days A Year Do You Work For The Taxman? 
“Tax Freedom Day” – the day when we start earning for ourselves rather than the taxman - arrives later every year.

We look at why that is, what it means, how we fared in the past and what the future could hold.
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Aggrieved Minority Shareholders: You Have Plenty of Options 
How can you protect yourself if you are a minority shareholder in disagreement with the way the directors are running the business?

There are in fact a variety of effective remedies available to you in the provisions of the Companies Act, and you should be aware of the circumstances in which you can access them, and of how they will protect you.
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Your Tax Deadlines for May 
Your Employer Annual Reconciliation (EMP501) is due on 31 May. 

Don’t underestimate the amount of work involved in preparing and submitting this form, and ask your accountant for help in any doubt.



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