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Is your will valid?

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October 2020 NEWSLETTER
Is Your Will Valid?
We live in particularly dangerous times, and making sure that our affairs are in order is perhaps even more vital for us all than before.

Leaving a will in place is of course the only way to properly protect your loved ones after you are gone. Take steps now to ensure that it will be accepted as valid and that there is as little danger as possible of it being challenged in any way.

That’s not as straightforward as it may seem, and there are many pitfalls awaiting the unwary. We discuss five mistakes to be especially avoided when making a will, and we share some tips on how to avoid them… 
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Landlords and Tenants: Alert Level 1 and the New Eviction Rules
ArticleImage Landlords and tenants alike should understand the regulations applicable to tenant evictions during the National State of Disaster.

Many tenants are of course finding it hard to meet their monthly rental commitments, whilst landlords still have to fund their ongoing expenses and will be keen to be rid of problem tenants preventing them from doing so. 

That requires a careful balancing act, and to help you we summarise some highlights of the current regulations, with practical notes for both parties on how to navigate these hard times successfully. 
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Home Businesses - Is Yours Legal?
ArticleImage The concepts of working from home and running home businesses have always been with us, but never before have they played such a central role in our lifestyle and property choices.

After looking at “what’s hot” in the resultant property market trends, we’ll discuss what our laws have to say about the legality of conducting any one of three categories of business operations from residential premises.

We’ll do so with reference to a High Court decision over a home-based hair salon which, although complying with local zoning laws, was in conflict with a Home Owners Association’s rules and regulations.  
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Friends and Lovers: Before You Lend Out Your Car...
ArticleImage What happens if you lend your car to a friend (or, as happened in the High Court dispute we will refer to, a lover) who refuses point blank to give it back when asked to do so?

Can you simply go to court and say “Here are the registration papers. They prove that it’s my car so no matter what, I am the owner and entitled to get it back, end of argument”?

That might seem logical but as we shall see, having a car registered in your name is a very different thing to having an immovable property registered in your name and you need to take some basic upfront precautions (which we share with you) to protect your position…
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Website of the Month: Don’t Lose Your House Because of a Lockdown Layoff!
ArticleImage (Note: If none of this applies to you please think of passing it on to anyone you know who may find it useful)

In these hard times it is not always easy to keep up bond repayments, particularly if you are one of the many victims of the lockdown that have lost your job or your business.

The worst thing you can do is ignore the problem - that is a recipe for the bank taking legal action against you and ultimately repossessing your home. For some practical advice on what to do (and what not to do) if you are unlucky enough to fall into arrears with your bond, read “Home Repossession: Holding On To Your House In A Time Of COVID-19” on For many people their house is their most important asset so seeking professional help in need is a real no-brainer here!



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