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Property: Do You Have Automatic Rights to Views and Privacy?

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Kramer Villion Norris - KVN April 2017
Property: Do You Have Automatic Rights to Views and Privacy?
Do you as a property owner have an automatic right to retain amenities like privacy, access to light, views and the like?  What can you do to protect them?

A recent High Court decision to set aside a municipality’s approval of building plans illustrates.

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Bad Bureaucrats - Threaten Them with Personal Liability  
Religious Discrimination in the Workplace  
Property Buyers/Sellers and Budget 2017  
The Constitutional Court judgment in the social grants crisis case has given us all a powerful way to deal with the “bad egg” minority of state bureaucrats who think that they can trample all over our constitutional rights with impunity.

And a High Court case about a “bull in a china shop” state doctor is an example of the sort of unacceptable conduct that will expose a state official to sanction.
Both employers and employees need to know how our law prohibits all forms of unfair discrimination.

The case of a Seventh-Day Adventist who refused to work on a Saturday and was awarded compensation for unfair dismissal illustrates the way our courts approach cases of religious discrimination. 

For your convenience we bring you the new transfer duty and withholding tax rates, with comparisons to the 2016/17 rates.

There’s a sliver of good news in Budget 2017 for first-time and buy-to-let buyers, and also some advice for non-resident sellers on how to approach the withholding tax requirement.

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Your April Website: Robot Rights and the Law
It may sound like science fiction, but soon we are all going to have to follow the European Parliament’s lead in thinking about how our society, our law and our insurance industry must adapt to the rise in Artificial Intelligence.

How long will it be before we recognise legal rights and duties for “electronic persons”?
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