Minimum Wages for Domestic Workers Increased

This year’s new minimum wages for all domestic workers are set out in the table at the end of this article.

Who is covered?
  • All domestic workers in South Africa working in a private household

  • People employed by employment services

  • Independent contractors who are doing domestic work

  • A person doing gardening in a private home

  • People who look after children, sick or old people and people with disabilities in a private home

  • A person driving for the household

But excluding –
  • Domestic workers employed on farms

  • Domestic workers employed in activities covered by another sectoral determination or bargaining council agreement (such as contract cleaning workers).

Are you in Area A or Area B?

Area A includes most major metropolitan areas; Area B is all other areas.   See the full lists on the Department of Labour website.

 (If the tables above do not display correctly, please see the “online version” )

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