Your Website of the Month: Timing is Everything

“Right timing is in all things the most important factor” (Hesiod, ancient Greek poet, philosopher and economist) 

There are many “Secrets to Success” (in both our business and personal lives) but perhaps one of the most important and basic starting points is to understand how to time all the various things we do for maximum effectiveness -
  • What is the best time of day to be creative?

  • When should we focus on decision-making, analysing, negotiating deals?

  • When are we at our most productive? 

  • Do different rules apply to “Night Owls”?

  • What can we do to optimise performance when we have no choice but to do something at a non-optimal time?

  • What time of day should we schedule doctor’s appointments and surgery for? 

  • When should we be most careful on the roads?

  • What’s the best age to marry? 

  • Should you time the Bad News or the Good News to come first?
Read what science has to say about all this in “This Is the Best Time to Do Anything: 4 Powerful Secrets from Research” on the Barking Up the Wrong Tree blog here
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