The October Website: How To Reduce The Pain Of Queuing At SARS

You can these days make your life a lot easier by interacting with SARS online for many things, but occasionally a personal visit to a physical branch is unavoidable. 
Reduce the pain by checking SARS’ website page “Find the Shortest SARS Branch Queue Near You” and following these steps –
  1. Click on this link

  2. If a Windows Security box pops up, click “Cancel”

  3. Click on the link in “Step 1” to the “Branch Locator” page

  4. Ignore the map, click on your Province in the black menu bar at the top e.g. “Eastern Cape”

  5. Then click on your nearest branch in the same black menu bar e.g. “East-London”

  6. “Best times to queue” is at the bottom of the page.
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