Your February Website: Surviving Your Next Computer Crash

Can you and your business afford to run the risk of losing all your important computer files and data when your computer crashes, or is stolen / lost / damaged / destroyed?

If you are still doing all your backups manually, say to another computer or external hard drive, consider this –
  1. Your backup computer or external hard drive has to be taken off site for maximum security.

  2. If you schedule say weekly backups, you could lose up to a whole week’s work. Missing even one scheduled backup could cost you even more dearly.

  3. If you save over a file by mistake, it could be gone forever unless you have saved and kept older versions separately.

  4. You are wasting time and effort by backing up manually, plus you have to remember to do the backups and to take them offsite.  
The answer of course is to switch to an automatic, online backup solution.  Getting great reviews at the moment is CrashPlan, downloadable from Code 42 at  You can back up to other computers (onsite or off, so you could for example set your office and home computers to back up to each other) and/or external drives.  

Choose between the Free version, which gives you a daily automatic backup to multiple computers/drives plus easy access to both old and new versions of each file, or one of the Paid plans which also give you additional features like minute-by-minute backups plus unlimited secure storage in the Cloud.
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