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Theft:  Can You Claim a Tax Deduction and/or a Loss?
  • When can you claim a deduction and/or a loss for tax?
  • It gets tougher
  • And tougher
  • Prevention is the best solution!
Use Only a Registered Tax Practitioner Because …..
  • What is a “Tax Practitioner”?
  • What is a “Recognised Controlling Body”?
  • Why regulate Tax Practitioners?
Finance 101: Retirement Part I - Are You Ready?
  • Why do we need a retirement plan?
  • The earlier we plan the better
  • The starting point – “Where are we now?”
Tax Corner
  • What are Third Parties telling SARS about you?
  • The New Company Tax Return (ITR14)
  • IRP5s

JUNE 2013

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