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Kramer Villion Norris - KVN August 2016
Meter Wars: A Consumer Strikes Back
You challenge the accuracy of a services account from your local municipality, thus:  “Your meter must be wrong, no way was my consumption that high”.  The reply:  “We’ve tested the meter and it works fine. Pay up or face disconnection”.

Off to court you go....
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Companies: How Private Are Shareholders’ Details?  
Employees: Must You Report Wrongdoers? A Violent Strike Illustrates  
Plot And Plan: The Strange Case Of The Unsigned Sale Agreement  
All companies - big and small, public and private – must keep registers of their shareholders and directors.   And, as the SCA (Supreme Court of Appeal) made clear recently, even “private” companies’ registers aren’t private at all.
Our laws and courts provide strong protection for the right of employees to go on strike, and are quick to shield participants in a protected strike from any unlawful action against them by their employers.

But this is subject to the important provision that strikers (and their unions) must always act within the law...
You buy a plot in a residential development and the developer agrees to build you a house to stated specifications and plans.  You pay in full for the plot and it is transferred into your name.  All good so far. 

But then you fall out with the developer over the costs, finishes and other specs for the building work.  What happens now?
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Your August Website: Get Your Stolen Phone Back!
Make sure you have tracking enabled on your precious cell phone and do it now – it’s too late once the phone’s gone!

If you already have tracking, test it regularly.  In fact right now is a great time for a test run – and make sure you will be able to remember your password in an emergency.
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