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Property Owners: Manage Your Risk Of Being Sued
What happens if someone is injured or killed, or suffers some other form of loss on your property?  Three recent court cases highlight your risk of liability for any potential dangers that you don’t take reasonable steps to avoid. 
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In The Wings - New Ways To Chase Maintenance Defaulter
Maintenance defaulters won’t be pleased with new amendments to our Maintenance Act, signed into law on 9 September and aimed at making it easier to enforce payment of arrears.

In particular the provision for defaulters to be registered with credit bureaus, a move aimed at preventing defaulters from getting more credit until they settle all arrears, has been widely welcomed.  Note however that, despite media reports to the contrary, it will only come into force on a future date still to be gazetted.

What is slowing the growth of the sme sector? See the survey results here
ArticleImage Red tape, lack of funding and compliance with legislation continue to be the main challenges faced by most Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa – according to a latest survey conducted by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). Access the full “2015 SME insights report” at

Employers: Is Your Zero Tolerance Policy Enforceable?
ArticleImage A recent Labour Appeal Court (LAC) judgment throws light on the knotty problem of how far an employer can go to protect itself from employee misconduct with “zero tolerance” policies.

The bottom line

A zero tolerance policy is fine where circumstances warrant it, but dismissal for non-compliance must be appropriate in the particular circumstances.
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No money to sue? Consider contingency fees
ArticleImage If you think you have a good legal case but can’t afford to pursue it, the Contingency Fees Act may have some good news for you.  In an attempt to provide access to justice for all, it allows attorneys and advocates to enter into a “no win, no fee” agreement with you, and for you to agree on a “success fee” higher than the normal fee would be.
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The October Websites: stressed? Relax for two minutes...
Stress is good – up to a point.  See the “Stress Curve” and “How to Deal with Stress in Your Life in 6 Effective Ways Including Tapping into Your Mind” on MindRestart’s website at

For a quick fix – turn your sound on and go to “Do Nothing for 2 Minutes” at 

Bonus Website: Rugby World Cup 2015 Digital Wallchart
ArticleImage Here’s something else to help you relax (and hopefully celebrate!).  The Guardian has an in-running digital wallchart of the Rugby World Cup with fixtures, tables, pools, venues, teams and more on their website at  Remember to compensate for British Summer Time which, until 25 October, is one hour ahead of our SA Standard Time.


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