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November 2015 NEWSLETTER
“Demolish Or Go To Jail”: Developer In The Doghouse
“….. a lenient approach ….. would also lead to an open invitation to members of the public to follow the course adopted by the [developer] and to continue with the construction of buildings and structures in circumstances where the authority therefore has not been obtained from the relevant municipality”

30 days – that’s how long a property developer will spend in the local lock-up unless he demolishes illegal building works. 
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13th Cheques: Must You Pay An Annual Bonus?
ArticleImage November has rolled around again, and with it comes the normal slew of annual bonus questions and complaints like: “My business is struggling.  Must I pay Christmas bonuses this year?” and “I haven’t been given a bonus this year – what are my rights?”
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Did you know? The legal limits to paying in coins (plus a bit on bitcoin)
ArticleImage Here’s a scenario for you - you win a huge court case, and your very vengeful opponent turns up at your doorstep with a convoy of coin-filled trucks.  Must you accept the payment?

Scenario 2: You’re a landlord. Your tenant, angry with you for some reason, decides to punish you by marching into your office with next month’s rental in 5 cent pieces.  What are your rights?

Now you’re a shopkeeper whose customer wants to pay for his groceries with R500 worth of R1 coins – can you refuse to accept them?
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Insider Trading – Big Brother is watching!
ArticleImage If you trade in a public company’s shares, bonds or other securities (on the JSE for example) be careful of our “market abuse” rules.  They are wide enough that you could fall foul of them inadvertently, and as the penalties for non-compliance are harsh take specific advice in any doubt.
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The November website: what’s up with WOT? Check your website now
ArticleImage When you search online for something your chosen search engine returns a long list of websites that meet your search criteria.  Now you can choose which site to click on first. 

But wait!  How do you know whether or not the site is safe to visit?  Might it put malware on your computer?  Could it be a scam or a rogue web store?  Or are the links untrustworthy?  Is it safe for online shopping?
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