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Thinking Of Selling Your Business? Here’s How To Make It Painless
Many people dread the day they have to sell their business – root canal treatment is a more preferable option. 

It doesn’t need to be like that – some thought and planning can turn it into a rewarding exercise.

Have an exit strategy

A business is probably the most important investment an entrepreneur will make. It is crucial with any significant financial undertaking that the investor have an exit strategy. Without this, there is a risk that the full value of the investment will not be realised, particularly in the fast moving world we are now in. For example, technology can quickly make a business redundant and one should have pre-determined “triggers” to indicate when an investment risks losing value, making it a good time to sell.

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Tenants: Make Sure You Get Your Rental Deposit Back (Plus Interest) 
When the lease on an apartment or house comes to an end, many tenants give up part or all of their deposits so the landlord can make good damage supposedly done by them. Even more tenants lose out on interest accrued on their deposits.

With residential property the law can be used to even up any such imbalances in favour of the landlord.  Note that your rights in this regard are set to be strengthened when amendments to the Rental Housing Act come into effect (probably later this year).
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Outsourcing: An Opportunity For Entrepreneurs And Good For Youth Unemployment 
It is often said that the greatest problem facing the country is youth unemployment which is over 50%.  

How can we manage this?  Outsourcing is one potential answer that can create jobs for our unemployed youth.

Consider this

In India 2.8 million jobs have come from outsourcing. These jobs are typically Call Centre related or involve processing work such as simple accounting. 

The Department of Trade and Industry has since 2011 provided incentives which target outsourcing.   Up to 2014 over 9,000 jobs had been created.
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PAIA Manuals: Another Last Minute Extension 
Procrastination is the thief of time” (Edward Young, 18th c. poet)

If your business is one of those (mostly smaller – see below) businesses temporarily exempted from lodging your PAIA manual until 31 December 2015, you will be happy to hear that the pressure is off for another 5 years, and that the turnover thresholds have been increased.  This is now three times since 2005 that government has, after telling us there will be no further extensions, done an about-face at the very last minute.   

Don’t kick yourself however if you rushed to beat the deadline - you will almost certainly still have to comply somewhere down the line, and at least you crossed off one annoying little red tape item from your To-Do list.  

Procrastinators on the other hand are doomed to repeat the eleventh-hour panic in 2020.  Rather comply now if you haven’t already done so.
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And In Other Important Tax News ….. 
  1. Firstly, note that from 1 April 2016 (no April fool joke) SARS will no longer accept payments at SARS’ branches, except for Customs payments. Taxpayers will have to pay –

        a.    At your bank
        b.    Via eFiling.
        c.    Via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).....
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