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Wessels & Van Zyl Attorneys Newsletter     |    July 2015
Selling Your House? Choose Your Own Conveyancer
For most people, your house is your most important asset.  So when you sell it (or any other property for that matter), it is absolutely critical to entrust the process to a conveyancer you can trust to act with both speed and integrity.

When you sell property, the conveyancer is the specialist attorney appointed as “transferring attorney” and tasked with carrying out the process of registering the buyer as the new owner.  Only suitably qualified attorneys are admitted to practice as conveyancers, and only they can register transfer of ownership (and other property rights like mortgage bonds, servitudes etc) in the Deeds Office. 
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Employers: Important Breaks For Small Businesses You Need To Know About
Last month we saw how only a defined “small business” can agree with employees that family responsibility leave days will count against their annual leave.  This month let’s look at the various other provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) which apply only to small businesses. 
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Business Rescue – Is It Too Late After Liquidation? The Supreme Court Of Appeal Speaks
An important new SCA (Supreme Court of Appeal) decision recently addressed the following scenario -
  • A close corporation runs a business renting out its commercial properties.

  • The properties are bonded to a bank.

  • The close corporation was placed into final liquidation by the High Court despite contending that it should rather be placed under business rescue.

  • 5 months later it applied again for business rescue, but the High Court concluded that once a final liquidation is granted against a company (the same business rescue provisions apply to close corporations as to companies), it is too late to apply for business rescue.

  • On appeal however, the SCA held the opposite, in other words that you can apply for the business rescue of a company even after a final liquidation order is granted against it.
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SARS: (Tax) Crime Doesn’t Pay!
"The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government" (Barry M. Goldwater)

SARS it seems retains a much higher enforcement capability than some recent media speculation has suggested.  It has announced a 92% conviction rate in cases handed over for prosecution in tax and customs-related crimes, mostly involving high net-worth individuals, fraudulent VAT refunds and Income Tax fraud.
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The July Website: Drones – Fly Them Legally And Safely From 1 July
The new Regulations applicable to all drones (RPAs or “Remotely Piloted Aircraft”) from 1 July are the subject of much confusion and a slew of media reports, many of them extremely misleading.

For some clarity, and hyperlinks to the new Regulations themselves, see the Safe Drone website with content from industry experts– 
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