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Beware Prescription: The Tale Of The “Watertight Case” That Died A Sad And Sudden Death
“Sad is the day when a party with a watertight case comes to court and he is stopped in his tracks by a sudden death due to a fatal blow from a watertight defence of prescription. The present matter is a classic case of this nature” (extract from judgment below)

Here’s another warning from our courts about the dangers of procrastination when it comes to matters of law. 
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The Wages Of Fraud: 15 Years In Prison
ArticleImage “White collar criminals who commit offences of a certain magnitude must not be permitted a soft landing” (extract from judgment below)

The recent “J Arthur Brown” judgment by the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) has received a lot of media attention, and victims of serious crime will take heart from the Court’s robust approach.  

Mr. Brown had been sentenced by the High Court to fines and suspended sentences after pleading guilty to two counts of fraud involving “tens of millions of Rand”. 
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Tax Penalties - What Must SARS Prove?
ArticleImage SARS has the power to impose severe penalties on any taxpayer failing to declare or pay taxes in accordance with law.

For example, in a case recently before the Tax Court, a corporate taxpayer was audited by SARS and found to have overstated input VAT.  It was assessed and the taxpayer’s total tax bill more than tripled from R16m to R55m.
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Property Sales: Don’t Be An Unregistered Credit Provider!
ArticleImage Be careful when buying and selling property that you aren’t held to have lent more than R500,000 to the other party.  As a recent High Court case illustrates,that will leave you with no contractual claim to your money.
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The January Website: Make 2015 Your Year Of Visionary Leadership
ArticleImage “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” (Albert Einstein)

2015 is it seems going to present us with many challenges and that, as Einstein pointed out, means that it will also be a year of many opportunities. Take advantage of them by honing your leadership skills.

Who better to learn from than one of the greatest leaders and visionaries in recorded history?  
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