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Wessels & Van Zyl Attorneys Newsletter     |    SEPTEMBER 2015
Write your will today! Four good reasons to do it now
“We used to terrorize our babysitters when I was little, except for my grandfather because he used to read to us from his will” (comic Janine Ditullio)

Whether you are young or old, healthy or ailing, wealthy or not-so-wealthy, married or single – you must have a will.

Dying “intestate” (i.e. without leaving a valid will) means your loved ones must deal with a whole series of legal and financial risks just when they are least able to cope with any additional trauma.
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Buying And Selling Property: The Bond Clause Blues, And How To Beat Them
“Men keep agreements when it is to the advantage of neither to break them” (Solon, Athenian lawgiver c. 638 BC - 559 BC)

Here’s the story of yet another High Court battle over a disputed property sale agreement.  A fight over how to interpret the “bond clause” again highlighted how vital it is to clearly express the intentions of both the seller and the buyer in every word of the agreement.
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Have you lodged your PAIA manual? Final deadline looms!
PAIA (the Promotion of Access to Information Act) requires you to prepare, lodge and publish (including on any website you have) an information manual in the prescribed format.

Every business operation, no matter how small (the definition includes any person or partnership carrying on “any trade, business or profession”, together with any “juristic person”) must comply.

If you are one of the many smaller businesses (see below to check) who benefitted from a last-minute extension of your deadline from 31 August 2005 to 31 December 2011, and then another to 31 December 2015, this is for you -
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Landlords – Know Your Rights In Business Rescue
Our business rescue legislation aims to save, wherever possible, any company in financial difficulty from total collapse and liquidation.  

So for example the BRP (Business Rescue Practitioner) appointed to run the rescue process has the power to suspend any of the company’s obligations for the duration of the process.  Moreover as a creditor you cannot start legal action against the company without a court’s authority (or the BRP’s consent).

Where does that leave you as the landlord if your tenant goes into business rescue?
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The September Website: Boost Your Business With Live Video Broadcasting
Next time you plan a marketing event (big or small) think about what a boost it will be for your credibility and reach to broadcast it LIVE.  

Social Media Examiner’s article “How to Use YouTube Live Streaming to Boost Your Exposure” gives you step-by-step instructions on using Google Plus and YouTube to best effect and at zero cost.  There are also paid options with positive reviews – for example, Livestream at and UStream at

Note: Test your local broadband speeds to make sure they are up to the task before you commit to anything!

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