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Small Businesses: How Can You Benefit From Corporate Governance?
There is a perception that corporate governance applies only to government bodies and the large corporates. This is false as, in essence, corporate governance is the process of acting in the best interests of any business and its stakeholders.
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Renewable Energy To The Rescue! 
South Africa has been absorbing bad news recently. So it is good to discover that we are a world leader in renewable energy development and that this is making considerable strides towards resolving our energy problem.

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More And Higher Taxes In The Offing - The Davis Tax Committee’s Interim Report Sets The Scene 
“Taxes are the price we pay for civilized society”  (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr)

The Davis Tax Committee (DTC) was appointed in 2013 by then-Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to investigate “our tax policy framework and its role in supporting the objectives of inclusive growth, employment, development and fiscal sustainability”. Those who listened to the recent Budget speech will realise how influential the DTC has become.
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Protecting Your Children: Can You Use A Nanny Cam? 
Several incidents of childminders abusing young children have horrified the public. Businesses selling “nanny cam” surveillance cameras have reported a brisk increase in sales. 

As the subject is very topical, there are many articles advising readers on how to choose a nanny cam but many don’t consider the potential legal ramifications.
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Your Tax Deadlines For July 
There are no special deadlines for July but the new tax season for individuals and trusts begins on 1 July.  Make sure your staff have their IRP5s so they can submit their returns.


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