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“When The Email Is Deadlier Than The Mail”: Watch What You E-Agree To!
"The email of the species is deadlier than the mail." (Stephen Fry)

Last month we discussed the need for a “non-variation” clause in every agreement you sign, and the dangers of not having one.  

This month we turn to the related danger of inadvertently concluding, amending and/or cancelling agreements by email or other electronic (“data”) messaging.

 Take for example the facts of a case recently before the Supreme Court of Appeal . . .
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Home Owners Associations: Are You Still At Risk On Insolvency?
ArticleImage Here’s a scenario that is unfortunately a real risk these days -
  • You are a member of a Home Owners Association (HOA),

  • Your HOA is struggling to recover arrear levies from another homeowner who has fallen into financial difficulty.
If the arrears aren't recovered, you and the other homeowners will have to chip in to cover the shortfall.

And as regular LawDotNews readers will recall, conflicting High Court judgments last year exposed HOA members to an increased risk of this happening in cases where the defaulting member’s estate is liquidated or sequestrated.  
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Employers, Employees: You And The New Fixed Term Contract Rules
ArticleImage The new Labour Relations Amendment Act gives significant new protections to employees on a new or renewed fixed term contract.  

What follows is of necessity only a brief summary of some complex new provisions in our labour laws – your downside if you get this wrong will be substantial, so specific advice is essential!
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Droning on . . . New Regulations “In The Wings”
Lawfully or not, we South Africans are, it seems, increasingly buying and using drones for a whole host of purposes – amidst conflicting reports as to quite how serious the legal and other risks of doing so are.  

Thankfully, the Civil Aviation Authority, which last year promised a strict clamp down on illegal drone usage, has now announced that it is finalising changes to its Regulations that will specifically regulate the use of “Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems”.  The proposed amendments are available on DefenceWeb’s website at but it’s not clear yet what the final version (scheduled for the end of March) will look like.

Watch this space!

Report Corruption! Official Fired For A Marie Biscuit Bribe
In “Bureaucrats and Brick Walls – Fight Back!” last month we looked at the no-nonsense approach our courts are taking to corrupt, inefficient and disinterested public officials.  

Further proof of this tough stance comes from a recent Labour Court ruling confirming the dismissal of a Home Affairs official who admitted receiving a packet of biscuits in exchange for “quicker services”.  

Clearly, the size of the bribe is irrelevant – report any corruption by phoning the National Anti-Corruption hotline 0800 701 701.

The March Website: Kick-Start Every Day With A Power Shower!
ArticleImage Entrepreneur Magazine’s “How This Showering Trick Can Make You More Energized for the Work Day” at a 90 second morning shower routine to give you –
  • More energy
  • Less stress
  • A stronger immune system
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increased ability to lose fat
  • Help with depression.
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