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Wessels & Van Zyl Attorneys Newsletter     |    JANUARY 2016
Starting a business in 2016? 3 steps to get you going
It seems as though 2016 has a rough ride in store for us but as the wise old saying has it: “Fortune favours the brave”.  Just remember to mix a good dose of realism in with the bravery.

That said, if you’ve been sitting on a brilliant business idea, and if you’ve ever dreamt of leaving your 9 to 5 job and starting up on your own, this could well be your year! 
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Property sellers: just how far does your duty to disclose go?
“Where a seller recklessly tells half-truths or knows the facts, but does not reveal them because he or she has not bothered to consider the significance, this may also amount to fraud” (extract from judgment)
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The Case Of The Electrocuted Cyclist - More Risk For Suppliers
If you operate anywhere in a product supply chain (producer, importer, distributor, retailer, supplier, installer etc) be aware that your risk of being sued under the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) just increased.

To recap, the CPA makes you liable for any form or level of damage to person or property resulting from defective or unsafe products.  

Critically, there is no need to prove any form of negligence on your part – liability is now “no-fault” or “strict”.  And whilst there are a few defences still open to you, they are limited.
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Paia Manuals: Another Last Minute Extension
If your business is one of those (mostly smaller – see below) businesses temporarily exempted from lodging your PAIA manual until 31 December 2015, you will be happy to hear that the pressure is off for another 5 years, and that the turnover thresholds have been increased.  This is now three times since 2005 that government has, after telling us there will be no further extensions, done an about-face at the very last minute. 
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Tax dispute? Sars launches a new efiling process
For Income Tax, taxpayers can now electronically at a SARS branch and via eFiling -
  • Lodge disputes,

  • Request suspension of payment,

  • Request for remission (RFR) of interest and penalties.
    For more see “What if I don’t agree?” on the SARS website at
    Your January Website: How To Turn New Year Resolutions Into New Year Realisations
    We all know just how hard it is to keep those New Year’s resolutions.  The year kicks in, it’s back to work, routine takes over…..

    Don’t let that happen this year.  For some great ideas on actually realising your resolutions read “44 Ways to Kick-Start Your New Year” on the Success Magazine website at

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