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You and Budget 2017: Tax Increases Are Now the Order of the Day

This budget is one of the most important and anticipated for many years.

Read on for the tax increases, the good news (there is some!), the perils we still face, the downgrade potential, and the new “radical economic transformation” policy.

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You and Budget 2017 Part 2: The New Tables 
For ease of reference we bring you -
  • The new tax tables for individuals and trusts other than special trusts

  • The new tax tables for Small Business Corporations

  • The new transfer duty rates
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Consumers: The Consumer Protection Ombud’s Power to Help You  
If you are a consumer with a complaint against any supplier of goods or services, remember you can lodge a complaint with the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud.  The Ombud will, free of charge, investigate your complaint and make recommendations as to how the dispute should be settled.

If you are a supplier, check whether you are obliged to register with the Ombud and to pay participation fees.
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Your Tax Deadlines for March 
There are only run-of-the-mill deadlines for March.

This is the season of finalising employee tax - Employee Tax IRP5 Certificates and your EMP501 Employer Reconciliation Declarations. This is quite a process – so start early.


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