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Kramer Villion Norris - KVN December 2016
Buy That House! You’re off the Hook for the Seller’s Municipal Debts
A recent Pretoria High Court judgment has come to the rescue of property buyers being pressured by the local municipality to pay the previous owner’s debts.   

When you buy a property, the municipality won’t issue the seller with a “clearance certificate” – necessary for the transfer of the property to you - until all rates and taxes, water and electricity accounts etc due for the 2 years prior to transfer have been paid in full.  
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Getting Married? Don’t Forget the Legal Consequences  
Employers: Your EE Report Deadline and the R1,5m Fine Risk  
Two minutes to a swimming pool tragedy and a R62m damages claim  
With Wedding Season in full swing, here’s a timely reminder – take legal advice on choosing one of the three “marital regimes” available to you in our law before you actually tie the knot.  

That’s important because if you don’t specify otherwise in a pre-marriage ANC (antenuptial contract), you will automatically be married in community of property.
Failure by “designated” employers to lodge their employment equity reports on time risks severe penalties, with first offenders risking a fine of the greater of R1,5m or 2% of turnover (increasing to the greater of R2,7m or 10% of turnover for serial offenders).
“There's no tragedy in life like the death of a child” (Dwight D. Eisenhower)

A recent High Court decision highlights once again both the personal tragedy and the legal consequences of failing to protect children from the dangers of swimming pools and other hazards.
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Domestic Workers’ Wages up 1 December
This year’s new minimum wages for all domestic workers are set out in the table at the end of this article.

Who is covered?
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Your December Websites: A Mixed Bag for the Festive Season
Let’s recharge our batteries and bid farewell to 2016 with a relaxing Seasonal Selection  - “How to enjoy your break”; “The perfect gift”; “Is that hotel review fake?”; “Your dog’s New Year bedtime story” and “Tips for great cell phone videos”.  Have fun!
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Thank you for your support in 2016.

Have a Wonderful Festive Season, and a Happy and Prosperous 2017!

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