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January 2015 NEWSLETTER
Debtor Financing: A Great Way To Finance Your SME In 2015
Many small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) experience ongoing cash flow difficulties which are a major obstacle to growth. Without adequate funding, it is impossible to build a platform to competitively supply the market and become a sustainable enterprise.
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Shareholder Resolutions - Be Careful Of The Round Robin 
Shareholders ultimately carry the most power in a company. Decisions are carried out via shareholders' resolutions and it is important that these resolutions are correctly done.

The Companies Act (“the Act”) specifically addresses the issue of resolutions. It also allows the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) to have a substantial impact on resolutions. The MOI can set the requisite number of votes to pass an ordinary or special resolution. It can also dictate when ordinary or special resolutions are required.
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Inequality In South Africa: An Alternative Narrative 
We are often warned that inequality in South Africa will, if not addressed, result in our own “Arab Spring”.   

We all agree that the country needs to redistribute income to the poorer communities. 

Generally, we hear negative sentiments about inequality. So how in fact are we doing and can we remedy the situation?
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Merging Tax Profiles Will Reduce Your Admin Time 
In a commendable effort to reduce the cost of doing business particularly in small and medium sized entities (SMEs), SARS recently introduced a single registration process whereby a taxpayer now only needs to register once to be able to register for Income Tax, VAT, PAYE and Customs and Excise. 
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SARS – Latest Tax Stats Looking Good 
Generally, we are looking good in international terms -
  • South Africa’s total tax rate is 29% versus a global tax rate of 41%. 

  • South African companies average 7 tax payments per year versus a global average of 26 payments (the rest of Africa average 36 annual payments).
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Your Tax Deadlines For January 
Provisional taxpayers (individuals and trusts) need to submit their eFiling returns by 30 January 2015.


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