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Kramer Villion Norris - KVN DECEMBER 2015
Your Holiday Season Guide To Home Buying And Selling
Selling or buying a house can seem like a complicated and confusing process but help is at hand!   Have a look at this simple overview: “Buying or Selling a House – What You Need to Know” from the Law Society of South Africa on its website at

Just remember these important principles (familiar to regular readers) –
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Motorists Renewing Licences – What To Take With You  
Body Corporate V Nightmare Neighbour: Court To The Rescue  
Domestic violence: report it!  
From 1st November, you can only register a vehicle, obtain or renew a vehicle licence or driver’s licence, or register any change in your particulars or address, if you submit proof of –  
The irrational, aggressive and disruptive “Nightmare Next Door” owner is regrettably a well-known and much-disliked feature of all too many residential complexes.  He or she makes trouble at every opportunity, attacking other owners and the body corporate’s trustees with equal abandon. 

What can you do about it?  In sufficiently serious cases, our courts will come to your rescue, as a recent High Court decision illustrates.
A recent SCA (Supreme Court of Appeal) decision underlines the very strong duty on SAPS members to assist victims of domestic violence.
The Domestic Violence Act (“domestic violence” isn’t limited to cases of physical harm – it includes a very wide range of abusive conduct) provides legal protection to victims, especially to those most vulnerable such as women, children, disabled people and the elderly.   If you are a victim (or helping a victim) the Police are obliged to assist and cannot shirk their responsibilities...
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Property Professionals: Have Your Say Now On The Draft New B-BBEE Sector Code
If you are involved in any “commercial activity” relating to property -development, ownership, management, valuation, provision of services such as estate agency etc – you have a substantial stake in the draft new B-BBEE Aligned Property Sector Codes.
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The December Websites: Some Year-End Snippets
Get some inspiration with “13 Fun (and Affordable) Gifts for Your Business Clients” on the BusinessNewsDaily website  Google for local suppliers and alternatives by adding “site:za” into your search terms e.g.  “Electronic travel mug site:za”.
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Enjoy the break!
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