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August 2016 NEWSLETTER
Startups And Small Businesses: Consider Crowdfunding
A novel and effective way of raising finance 

It is well known that finance is extremely hard to raise for small and medium sizes entities (SMEs). Banks are very conservative and prefer to deal with the larger, more established businesses. The venture capital market is small in South Africa and many SMEs fail due to a lack of finance.

Globally, crowdfunding has taken off and has also been successful locally in the past few years.
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Brexit: What Does It Mean To You? 
Recently, Great Britain voted in a referendum to leave the European Union (EU). This sent shock waves throughout the world. Where does Brexit leave South Africa which has strong ties to both Britain and the EU? The EU is by far our largest trading partner whilst Britain alone accounts for 4% of our exports and we currently run a R4 billion annual surplus with the United Kingdom.
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Company Directors: Beware Of The Risks With Resolutions 
“The devil’s in the detail” (wise old idiom)

The “new” Companies Act (the Act) has some requirements which can easily be overlooked. They may seem to be minor and technical, but not complying with them could expose you to major risks.  In our increasingly litigious society, it is important to be thorough.
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A Good News Story: Farming Is Doing Better Than We Think 
One of the stories that underpins the current wave of pessimism around our economy is farming. We read stories about:
  • Farmers being murdered and driven off their land.
  • The government plans to ban all foreign ownership of land.....
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The Axe Begins To Fall For Those Named In The Panama Papers 
We live in the age of leaks. The latest is the “Panama Papers” which details how wealthy people and companies have used off-shore accounts to protect and hide their assets from their country’s authorities. 

1,700 South African names appear in the leaked Panama Papers. In a parliamentary briefing, a SARS official said that 79 Panama companies had been matched to SARS data and it had linked this to 81 South African residents.
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Your Tax Deadlines For August 
For provisional taxpayers, the first provisional payment for the 2017 tax year is due on 31 August.


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