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October 2016 NEWSLETTER
Are You Ready for the Upturn?
For the past few years, economic data has been negative. It pays to remember that the economy goes in cycles and there will be a return to economic growth. Remember we recorded 3.3% economic growth in quarter two and the current account deficit shrank significantly.

In the fast-moving world we now live in, those businesses prepared for the next growth cycle will get an edge on their competitors.
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The Updated Credit Provider Registration Threshold – Are You Still Exempt?  
“Aye, there’s the rub” (Hamlet)

If you are a credit provider and required to register as such in terms of the NCA (National Credit Act), not doing so can have drastic consequences for you.  For a start, a court can make any “just and equitable order” in relation to your credit/loan agreements, including an order that they are declared void and unenforceable.  
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Staff Dismissals: Beware, There’s No Honour Amongst Thieves and No Short Cuts  
“A plague upon it when thieves cannot be true one to another!” (Falstaff, in Henry IV Part I)

We know how time consuming dismissing staff can be. It leads to loss of productivity and extra legal costs can be incurred. But be careful if you are considering taking short cuts to get the matter out of the way. A recent case illustrates this.
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Will The Mooted Minimum Wage Be Good For The Economy and For You? 
For several years there has been considerable pressure put on government to institute a national minimum wage. The Deputy President has been heading a panel on this topic and in principle government, business and the trade unions have agreed to institute a minimum national wage - but there are many issues to still iron out.
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Tax Time – October Updates  
The New Tax Compliance Certificate Process Made Easy

SARS has recently introduced a new Tax Compliance Status (TCS) process which will enable you to see at a glance your tax compliance status....

Your Tax Deadlines for October

The Interim Employer Reconciliation (EMP501) is due on 31 October. It pays to begin this early as there have been several significant changes to PAYE this year...

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